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  • Timezone Problem

    I hadn't considered this before, however vBulletin merges the Adelaide and Darwin timezones together - likewise Brisbane is on the same timezone as Sydney and Melbourne.

    This become a problem last week, when most of Australia went to daylight savings. Adelaide (here) for example is daylight savigs, but Darwin doesn't ever do it - thus by having Adelaide and Darwin on the same timezone I've got Darwin (and likewise Brisbane) members complaining the time is out by an hour.

    Now if I create an additional timezone in the template, would this work/cause any problems? I'm wondering how this would work because half the year I'd have Darwin as +9.5 whilst the other half it would be +8.5 to compensate for the server being in daylight savings.

    During daylight savings I don't see a problem, however whilst not in daylightsavings there'd be two timezones as +9.5... is that gonna work?

    Maybe we need a daylight savings flag?

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    It's the same thing for the whole US - GMT doesn't go on DST so the US is one hour ahead as far as GMT offset goes during the summer.

    Yeah we've talked about somehow doing a daylight savings thing for the next version.


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      I am having a problem with the timezone in my forums since i changed servers.

      The time is 14 minutes faster than the real time.

      How can i resolve this issue?


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        There's not much you can do about this... you will need to contact your new host and let them know the time on their server is wrong.
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