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  • IP tracing

    Have noticed that when performing a control panel IP Search, that the results are not accurate.
    Here is an example:
    I was on ICQ with one of my members and decided to view who's online. I saw that this member was on and did a tracert to obtain the member's IP address.
    I went to the Control Panel and performed a search on this IP and the results were nill.
    I typed in the member's username and went to edit in order to see user's information. The IP address showing was not the same as what I saw in who's online, probably due to a dynamic IP address. When I clicked on '[View IPs for XXXXXX] , there it was...... the same IP I got after a tracert.

    So my question is; why do both IP searches show no results, but when you View IP's for this user, it is there?
    This can be a bit of a headache trying to track someone down, especially if they use a dialup service and have (in some cases) several alternate IP's. It is only because I knew who the member was, that I could use the View IP's function to confirm his IP addy.

    Alternate question: Where are these Alternate (additional) IP's located in the Database? I have searched everywhere using phpMyAdmin, and have not found anything but a primary IP in the User field. As mentioned above, if the member has several IP's, where is this information stored?

    Thanks for your help.
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    my guess (and thats all it is) is they grab the ip's from the post table (where they log ips for every post)
    What do you Listen-To?

    i <3 vBulletin.


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      did you get the IP address from their ICQ, or did you search their name and see what IP address came up.

      my IP searches have all been 100% using that way. Very weird to get nill.


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        some people are behind proxies which mask their real ip.. the ip you might get is the isp's proxy.. hence on some dialups that proxy or ip is randomly assigned to users

        that's why you username search can result in several ips to the same user
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          i have users using, and Anonymizer. it hides there IPs very well.


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            I don't think that is it people (proxy's), as thier IP is logged, but only findable if you use the View IP's function.

            Try this as an experiment ...
            Find a user who has several IP's logged under "View IP's"
            Write down one of those IP addresses and then try to search for that IP using the Users>Find>and user IP Contains function in 2.0.3.

            Results: NILL

            The Users>IP Address function occassionally comes up with a match, but not in all cases.


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              vB DB only logs the ips on 1st register and when users post, who's online ips as far as i know are not inserted into the database.

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                Originally posted by Lady-Z
                The Users>IP Address function occassionally comes up with a match, but not in all cases.
                i think the match comes up with users having a static ip adress...

                check out this hack


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                  i am a mod in

                  and we're using 2.0.0

                  so does that mean we can't search users by the IP...or is there any hack we can use...or we have to upgrade to 2.0.3?

                  thx in advance


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                    T2S please go to this page and enter your username:


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                      humph !!!
                      Still not happy with the way the IP logs on the board.
                      It would be better if the IP was logged as soon as a member enters the board.
                      Yes, I know that this would build up the DB (unnecessarilly in some cases - such as the case with Dynamic IP logging) but it would be a wonderful addition/improvement in the next VBB release to actually SEE board activity from a member, even if they don't make a post.

                      My 2 Cents


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                        Originally posted by tubedogg
                        T2S please go to this page and enter your username:
                        i won't work..


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                          Originally posted by T2S
                          i won't work..
                          Yes it does, you'll need to use your customer number and password to access the page.
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                            er...i think that option is for our Admin to do...because i am just a mod...i'm just search hacks for the site for him.. :P

                            i dun have the customer number.. :P


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