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  • Preferences on registration

    I recnetly upgraded from a Ubb5.4X to the latest vB.

    All of the registraints were proted over with email notification on by default. Also, they all have their preference for the pop up when you receive a PM to off.

    I have two questions...

    What is the best way to make all of my CURRENT registrants so that they do not have email notification on my default. How can I make their PM pop up on by default?

    And then secondly, how can I do that for all NEW registrants?


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    There is setting in "Change Options" in Admin CP.

    "Confirm User Email" - that changes wether is confirmed or not.

    I think there is a hack that makes some settings default:

    and take a look
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      Isn't the User Confirmation different from the Email Notification?

      Email notification emails you when someone posts in the thread...

      Email Confirmation makes them 'activate' their account.


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        Sry i misunderstood.

        Both can be changed in the "Change Options".

        Search the page for "email" and you will come up with the options.
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          I know for each individual user they can be changed like that...

          I want to change the DEFAULT.....

          Right now it is on, I want it off.


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            You can.

            Thats the setting i was talking about.

            It switches off notification.

            Search that page for notfication and email.
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              Enable Email features?
              Enable email sending features: send to friend and email notification for posters and moderators. Don't forget to remove those links from the forumdisplay, newreply, newtopic, & editpost templates

              You can turn off the 'Send to Friend' feature for invidual user groups in the User Permissions area.
              I'd need to turn off Email to a friend also then...

              I could not find anything else by search for email/notification under the Changes area.

              If you could check your vB and let me know the exact area of what you're talking about is, that would be great.


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                Those are the only settings available.

                If you want an extra feature you will have to get a hack made.


                Sry it took this long for me to realise what u mean
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