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Moving forum to webroot but ensuring bookmarked links redirect...?

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  • Moving forum to webroot but ensuring bookmarked links redirect...?

    I would like to move my forums from their current /forum/ folder to the webroot folder -- is there a way to do this, but still make sure that any bookmarked links (forum index pages, for example) can redirect to their new position (not just the main forum page)?

    I have a number of hosted forums, and would like to make sure that their links will still work until I can alert all the webmasters to update their links (and even then, wait until they get around to changing them).

    If anyone can help me, it'd be appreciated

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    I know how to files redirect but not directories.

    I think its something in apache - where i dont know.
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      You can always have two copies of the files, in two folders.
      Just make sure you use the right config.php file.
      And don't worry about Forums URL in the Admin CP, just set it to the webroot.

      BTW, you can only have two boards running with one license if the database is the same!
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