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Right, a billion (Well, close) problems and little time. Help!

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  • Right, a billion (Well, close) problems and little time. Help!

    (I'm pretty sure my customer info is working, the owner of the license set me up as a trusted person)

    My problems:


    After searching for previous questions on making this better to use in vB i've decided to ask one myself. I edited the width=100% bit and the one in this thread. Opera is now useable but unpredictable. The page can sometimes load in less than a second and at other times over 1 minute or not at all. Quite a large amount of the users that will be coming to this board (We're changing from Snitz) use Opera and so i want it as functional as possible for them. There is also some awful refresh "thing" where it refreshes the page for no apparent reason.

    Any help on that is appreciated.

    Thread Rating:

    I have enabled this and i believe have set it up in all forums. However when i place a vote the stars don't appear by it. Do you need a certain amount of votes for this to work? Info on that would be nice.

    Stars for rankings:

    I know there is a hack to this, can anyone link me to that as i have been unsucesful in finding it. Thanks. If you need a URL, let me know and i'll post it.

    Many thanks for help on any of these,

    Stephen Cutter

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    Bump. I really do need assistance with this. A solution to one of the problems is just as much appreciated.



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      Sorry, don't use it.

      Thread rating:

      Stars for rankings:
      If you're talking about what I think you're talking about, this is it:
      Chen Avinadav
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        Woohoo! *Manly hug*

        I'll try and fix them now.


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