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    I have endlessly searched the forums for this answer, and after many hours I have come up short, and it's time to post for help. I am sure the answer is there somewhere in the depths of these theads, but I failed to find it

    How do I make the styles drop down box appear on the top of the forum pages? I have seen this on several vbulletin sites. I would like users to be able to simply change the styles by a drop down box located at the top of the forums, instead of them having to do it in their control panel.


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    I've seen what you are talking about. I believe you may be looking at vBPortal as well. This is not a built in function of the vBulletin program. You will have to do some code manipulation to be able to achieve this. You may just create a dropdown box or jump menu and use your different templates as the criteria. Sounds like it may just work. Haven't tried it.
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      Thanks Hooper for the quick response! I think I have seen this from the regular vbulletin sites, but you may be right, maybe it was the vbportal. It's no big deal. I just think it would be a good feature to add. Maybe I will just modify the templates to make it happen.

      Thanks again!!!


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        You may also try this forum....

        Styles .....for some of your layout and design issues. It has some interesting stuff in there.

        Best Wishes.
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