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is the manual in another format other than html files?

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  • is the manual in another format other than html files?

    Hi there guys

    just a short question - is the manual for vBulletin available as a download - I would like to able to refer to it offline, and apart from saving each page individually, is there another option.

    I have the .pdf of the template manual, so I'm guessing there must be a version of the manual itself somewhere.....

    btw - if there is a word doc available, I would be happy to "convert" it to .pdf format for posting in the forums...

    anyway - as always, thanks

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    Currently, it is only available in HTML.


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      Send me the vBulletin 2.something manual in word format and I will make it PDF. (all I do is hit save as PDF in Word under Mac OS X No Acrobat required


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        WordPerfect 10 will do the same with a Word document or HTML pages.

        I'd like to have a pdf of the manual, too.


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          it looks like you may have a demand soon....

          im mighty peeved off - there I was, writing a responsible reply on the merits of having a downloadable manual format, and then the internet connection I was writing about did what it sometimes does, and cut me off - so at 5:10 in the morning, after a re-connection, I've forgotten what I was saying...

          anyway - the point I was trying to that was that some people can't be online all the time, or they do testing etc locally before uploading [read: me ], so having a manual handy for easy reference would be a great help ;-) - and would save the number of browsers you'd have to open as well....

          so, mebbe a .pdf would be a good idea, and it looks like there are a few people willing to help with the conversion.... so my offer to convert the html version to .pdf still stands as I'm sure theirs does....

          anyway - use it, don't use it.... just lemme know if I can help at all - I'd be happy to, considering the amount of help one gets in these forums...!

          as always - thanks and regards.



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