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[Release v2.0.3] vbStats

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  • [Release v2.0.3] vbStats

    For vBulletin version: 2.0.3
    Files added: vbs_counter.php, vbstats.php, vbstats_admin.php, vbstats_set.php
    Files to edit: None! (all hacking is optional)
    Current Version: 203.2 (10.21.01 - 3am CST)

    What does it do?
    • Tracks + Displays Visitors Browser
    • Tracks + Displays Visitors OS
    • Tracks Referring Sites
    • Tracks Total Hits
    • Tracks Top Posters
    • Tracks Top Forums
    • Tracks Top Threads
    • Displays a Massive Amount of Stats
    • Link Queue!
    • Install File!
    • Un-Install File
    • Intergration with vBPortal 2.x/3.x
    • Members,Staff,Active,Non-Active,Activity Level,Newest Member,Top Referrer
    • Threads,Posts,PMs,Thread Views,Page Views
    • (vBPortal) News Stories,Comments,Weekly Surveys
    • (vBPortal 3.x) Link Categories, Links
    • More but I'm tired of typing already

    Check the samples:
    Incoming Referrals
    Member Referrals
    Top Posters
    Top Threads/Forums
    Top Visitors Countries

    Well, here it is Thank you all so much for waiting around!

    If you happen to run a German or Chinese board I have translations for you here ( Click Me! ) if not the current version is below.

    Special Note: I am about as far as it gets from a PHP guru. This is my first hack or addon or whatchamacallit. If this somehow nukes your system Im quite apologetic, but I know you will all be smart enough to BACK UP YOUR DATABASE BEFORE INSTALLING THIS.. I have faith Brad and Chen have both checked this out and given their stamps on it but that doesnt mean it will all Gel for you. Be smart, back it up.

    Install: There is a self install file that takes care of the templates and tables, simply unzip the package and upload it (with paths) to your vbulletin directory. Then run the install. Please be sure you add your site ( to the excluded urls in the CP. If you dont your site will get counted as a referrer and that can get messy.

    Demo: You can of course see the demo at however if you'd like to see it in use on some other boards check out vbstats page where I will try to keep a list of installs for you to check out. If you do install it please let me know so I can put your site up!

    Thanks for using my addon and I hope it all goes well for you!

    Changed v203.2

    This update its probably best to just uninstall and install again. Thats why im putting this update out so fast. So you dont get a lot of stats piled up and then have to erase them all

    Simply upload the new php files and run the install (Choose option uninstall, then install)

    - Removed Hard Coded Colors (replaced blue with $color4)
    - Added Link to Link Queue Help (The ? before the link queue)
    - Added ability to exclude forums (in vbstats_set.php)
    - Added ability to exclude MULTIPLE forums [Really!] Thanks to FireFly!
    - Added normalfont to top listings (sorry)
    - Removed link to showmods.php (kiers hack)

    I haven't changed the translated language versions yet. Give me some time on those I'm working on a better country detection scheme for the next release. It will be an upload and forget it release.

    Download fixed
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    This Space Reserved for Already Asked Questions:

    In my referrer list my site shows up as a referrer?
    In your control panel for vbStats, add your forum name (no www!) to the exclude URLs. If you wish to add other domains you don't want tracked on the referrer list, add these here as well.
    eg - =

    My vbstats shows Division by Zero repeated on the top!
    You may want to check to insure you included the vbscounter.php file in your phpinclude template.

    Where can I change the colors, settings, etc..?
    If you made the admin cp hack then you can change it in your control panel under the new option vbStats Settings.

    If not go run the file vbstats_set.php, it should be in your vBulletin admin directory.

    I have opted not to modify any VB php files, so how do I add these domains to the exclude list?

    Simply point your browser to your vb admin directory address and run the file vbstats_set.php?action=add

    What are excluded domains anyhow?

    Excluded domains are domains that are not counted as referrers. They wont show up in your referrer list or on the link queue.

    What versions does it work with?

    Currently working splendid on all 2.x versions to date. Though if you are running anything before 2.0.3 you should make sure you have done the security fix.
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      Do you know if it will work on vb2.0.1?

      btw...very nice hack
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        Originally posted by Dakota
        Do you know if it will work on vb2.0.1?
        It should work great on 2.0.1 as well yes


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          Uploading it as I type...


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            Looking good...

            Installation was a breeze! Thanks for such a great add-on!!


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              working like a charm




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                Worked great for me to!

                Great job Bane!


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                  Ok. Found a minor gripe. I can fix it for mine, but you might want to fix this in the real thing as well.

                  I don't think hidden forums should be listed on the list of popular threads and forums. I also tweaked it so that categories don't show up in the popular forums list. That's probably just personal preference though.

                  It's a wonderful hack, and I thank you.

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                    all the links in CP and shows me a blank Page.


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                      Here's a tip for active forums

                      Before I could type in the excluded domains, I got several hits from them. When I excluded them, they still remained in the database, just didn't accrue new hits.

                      I had to go manually remove them from the database to get them off the list.

                      Such is the price of popularity



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                        amykhar: I will see how the private forums are done and fix that. also the excludes

                        CoolaShacka: Are you actually linking to


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                          Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/latriade/public_html/forum/vbstats.php on line 87
                          1146: Table 'latriade_ezogroup.vbstats_counter' doesn't exist

                          why he try to see in db latriade_ezogroup ?
                          in my config files of vb it's latriade_forum so i don't understand


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                            just look here: URL edited
                            Last edited by CoolaShacka; Fri 19 Oct '01, 7:05am.


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                              getting a blank page? You are using the translated Version!
                              be sure to change
                              PHP Code:
                              to point to the appropiate languagefile (appears in 3 different files)
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