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resurrecting my very old 2.x forum

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  • resurrecting my very old 2.x forum

    I have a 2.0.3 forum that's been dormant for 5+ years.

    I want to resurrect it (keeping old posts, users, etc) by upgrading to latest 3.x version.

    Can I simply purchase 3.x version, then upgrade? or should i not bother, and install latest from scratch?


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    You only need the .sql database restored into a new database.

    Then upgrade to 2.3.11 first - which is best before you upload the 3.0.x files.
    Then upgrade to 3.0.17 first - before upgrading to 3.8.1 PL2 files.
    Then upgrade to 3.8.1 PL1.


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      A problem: I've bought my first lic. way back in ~ 2001. I bought another in 2007 on behalf of another company. When I login to member area, I see the latter one only.

      the one i want to resurrect is the older one. But I don't know the lic/member number (would it be same as that of the latest one?)

      regardless, assuming a buy/upgrade to a new lic, how do I restore the DB to a new one? a separate provided script?



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        You can open a support ticket linking to this thread, and include the license number for the old one, or the old email or the old domain it was used on, or the customer number, etc.. and we can try to find it in the system.


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          I filed a ticket. Thanks again.

          I gave it a little thought... would it be easier to install 3.8.x on a fresh (empty) DB, then migrate the old DB to the new? (I'd care mostly about users, forums, and threads/posts) All other info/settings can be set with the new install.

          does it make sense to go that route?


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            If you want to revive the old forum, separate from the current license, you need to revive that license and get the zip for that license.

            If you just want the data to be imported into the already existing database, just import it with impex.


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