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need help - problem uploading images and avatars

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  • need help - problem uploading images and avatars

    I've just recently noticed that my vB behaves a little strange lately:
    If I want to upload an image (as attachement for a post) , I get an error message that this is not a valid gif or jpg image - which it is, of course.
    If I change my avatar by uploading a new one from my computer, I get the redirect message 'Thank you for updating your profile', but form there on my avatar is a broken link, refering to 'avatar.php?userid=1&dateline=1002906807'.
    I've double checked the settings, but all seems right.
    Oh, I'm on a RedHat Server running Apache 1.3.2 / php4.06 / mysql 3.2.23. This has worked before, so I'm not sure why it's not working anymore.

    Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? Are these problems related?
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    oh, the settings:
    Enable Avatars - yes
    allow uploads - yes
    allow website uploads - yes
    safe mode - yes (tmp dir is chmoded 777)
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      yes they are related, files are not being uploaded.

      If it has worked before and is now not working then something has changed on your server. What ever has changed is going to be the thing that has caused the problem. Perhaps ask your host?
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        I'll try that, thanks a lot!
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