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bginput problem.... Help me please. :)

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  • bginput problem.... Help me please. :)

    The newpost_attatchment template code seems to not be using the .css styles. Or at least the browse input will not change to the proper "bginput" colors. All the rest of the templates are fine. Just this one is leaving the grey input browse button. I'm not sure what the problem is. I'm sure it's somthing simple. Can someone point me in the right direction? Again the class="bginput" should be correct as far as I can see.

    Thank You.
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    Actually it's a browser shortcoming. Some browsers won't let you color that button - among them, I believe all versions of IE. NS6/Mozilla *does* let you do this IIRC.


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      Howdy Kevin

      Oh I see. Hmmm, didn't know that. So what makes this button different from the rest out of the line?

      <input type="file" class="bginput" name="attachment">

      Would it be the "file" or the "attatchment"...

      Just curious. Thank you Kevin.


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        It's the type - type="file" - which actually creates not only the "Browse" button but also creates the text box right before it that holds the file name after you've selected a file. It's a special case input type.


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          I see. That's ok. I'll just create an image for it.

          Thanks Kevin for having the knowledge and sharing.

          Much appreciated.


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            One last question on this....

            It appears that I cannot use an image file instead of the browse button on this either. Is this correct?



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              it should be possible actually, using css..
              eg put the file input in a span that has width="xx px; overflow: hidden;"
              and then use a image input (or just a regular image) to trigger the click event of the file input..

              then again, i haven't tried it, but it should work..
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