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Says one person is original poster when they are not.

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  • Says one person is original poster when they are not.

    I've recently created a new area within my forum. I've copied many posts from the regular forums into that forum (copied not moved).

    Then I took the copied posts and have editted them so that the original posters information is in a quote and their answer is listed.

    One of the developers, "Avernus," has answered many questions. So he has a lot of posts which he didn't start but are now under his name in the new forum.

    Now .. here's the problem. The OLD "original" posts in the other forum .. are now showing up that "Avernus" was the original poster .. when in fact .. he is not .. someone else is.

    I've tried deleting duplicate threads and updating everything .. but nothing has helped.



    Example: (see the post named about cursed...

    You will see that it says the original poster was "Avernus" .. when in fact if you open that thread it was "Septimus."

    I've copied like 300 threads .. and I think they have all glitched like this ...

    All help will be appreciated.


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    Okay .. well I've sorta figured out how I can fix this .. not quickly .. but it works. (in case this ever happens to someone else)

    I take the old thread and split off everything that Avernus posted then re-merge it all back together again.

    It's not a pretty fix .. but it does work.