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Import A Success! Ummmm... User Names Updating In Old Posts...Nope

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  • Import A Success! Ummmm... User Names Updating In Old Posts...Nope

    Okay.. I searched and found two threads that told me how to add a custom field so that members can still use their chosen names... and their passwords would be protected.

    My question: How do I 'update'imported threads so that they will show correct user name?
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    not quite sure about what you want to do...

    what forum are you coming from? ezboard? ubb? etc.


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      Duh! Sorry, It's Been A Week

      I imported from UBB6 to VBulletin 2.0.3. Here's my forum... Still a mess, though...

      NoChickTrix Forum

      The threads that were imported after a week of driving support crazy, are from the UBB board. The UBB has a login name and a publically displayed name. I haven't even opened the board yet until I can figure out:

      1. How to 'update the threads with the correct name... or

      2. Manually go in [please no, please] and change the names. Besides the issue of privacy, I would like the readers to be able to use the names that they chose.

      Whatta ya think?
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        the first question is: did vbulletin import UBB's "displayed name" field as a custom field or something?

        if it DID do this then you would likely just need to find the field id# of that "displayed name" field and go edit it into your postbit templates in place of $post[username] (i think that's it). instead it would be $post[fieldx], where x is the field id# of that field.

        ...if the import script didn't import the "displayed name" field from UBB then you would either need to acquire a script that can do this (don't ask me! ) or you would have to start over with a new custom info field that you can create in your admin cp.


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          I did find a 'script' of sorts in this forum... One to add the field5 and the other was this:

          if ($post[field5]=="") {
          } else {

          right before



          Now you should be able to use $post[displayname] in the postbit template instead of $post[username]. It will display the contents of field5 if not empty, and if it is then the real user name.

          But nothing changed....

          I made the custom field afterwards, too. Any suggestions?
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