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  • modify and move active users bit

    I know this has been asked plenty of times and I have read all the posts but still cannot seems to modify the Active Users section.

    Currently my bbs is closed, so not sure if this is the reason why the board will not update the changes.

    In template forumhome i moved $loggedinusers to:

    <!-- main -->
    <table cellpadding="{tableouterborderwidth}" cellspacing="0" border="0" bgcolor="{tablebordercolor}" {tableouterextra} width="{contenttablewidth}" align="center"><tr><td>
    <table cellpadding="4" cellspacing="{tableinnerborderwidth}" border="0" {tableinnerextra} width="100%">

    In template forumhome_loggedinusers I have changed the template to:

    <tr id="cat">
    <td bgcolor="{categorybackcolor}" colspan="6"><a href="online.php?s=$session[sessionhash]"><normalfont color="{categoryfontcolor}"><b>Active Users</b></normalfont></a>

    <smallfont color="{categoryfontcolor}">- $totalonline ( $numberregistered Members and $numberguest Guests )<br>
    <nobr>Most users <i>ever</i> online was <b>$recordusers</b> on $recorddate @ $recordtime.</nobr>

    After this I save each template and then update the forums and threads through the Update counters control panel.

    I checkout my bbs and no change is made. Even after i refresh and look at it with a different browser, still no changes are made. The Active users bit is still on the bottom and forumhome_loggedinusers template still looks like the original one, but it shows in my control panel that it is changed (blue color).

    Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?


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    Could it be you are viewing the board with another style, that doesn't uses the templates you changed?

    All changes are updated even if the board is closed - since one of the reasons for closing it is to test things.
    Chen Avinadav
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      I'm making the changes under the proper style template.
      I'm also viewing it under the same style template.

      Should I try to change the default style template also?


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