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  • Would it be alright...

    to have another vBulltetin running that would be used for examples. In other words, it cannot be registered to or used for any purpose, but just viewed. I need to have an examples directory setup for a specific purpose using a seperate database. I do not want this to affect my community in any way nor be part of that database. This is just for examples. One of the primary reasons for this is that the database could grow quite huge for no good reason with my community. This way, it in no way affects my community.

    I realize that another vB license would be needed for running 2 boards, but this is not what it is for and it will in no way be setup for allowing registration. Would I need another license for the purpose of showing examples? If an administrator needs to view my site for more information as to the application, please send me an IP to add to the .htaccess.

    Please say no you don't.

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    Sounds absolutely fine to me, though you might want to check with John or James on this one as well.


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      Hi James,

      Yes, I'll try checking with John/James on this also. I don't see any reason whatsoever that I should need another license for what I am trying to accomplish, however, I as most want everything to be on the up and up.

      Thanks James.
      Nice to hear from you.