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  • Lost password redirect target...

    Hey peeps,

    I'm having a little problem with redirects in vBulletin...

    My forums live within a frameset and when, for instance, I use the 'lost password' facility the whole frameset is reloaded within one of the frames... Where can I change the target settings so that I can have this load on top? Or the page loaded so that only the forum is reloaded into it's frame and not the whole frameset?


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    Should be changeable in the standardredirect template - not sure of the exact code so if you are still having problems post back and I'll try to find it.


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      Cool thanks, all done


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        Okay so I lied... it's not all done

        I changed the code window.location=u.replace to be top.location=u.replace (I don't know any Javascript - this was a lucky guess after trying to change 5 or 6 things before hand).

        The problem now is that sometimes the whole frameset will be loaded fresh which is what I want... but sometimes just the main frame (the vBulletin frame) is loaded onto the top on it's own and the navigation is lost... any ideas?


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          Best to let one of our resident JavaScript experts answer this one I believe it was Kier who wrote this code originally so hopefully he'll be able to help you out on this one - I know no JavaScript at all.