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Problem with moving and URLs with long addresses (another bug maybe?)

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  • Problem with moving and URLs with long addresses (another bug maybe?)

    Here is the situation:

    Forum A (that's not its name but let's call it that) has HTML enabled.

    A person posts in that forum: A URL with a very long link, using the {URL}verylonglink{/URL} syntax. The link is longer than 50 characters, which is the board's wrap-around limit. The link URL worked just fine and the link name was automatically abbreviated by the board (you know where it converts long link names to shortened versions with ...'s in them?) and contained no <BR> tags in it.

    A moderator/administrator moves that post to Forum B (that's not its name either but let's call it that) which DOES NOT have HTML enabled, and when the post is viewed in that forum, the link text, instead of being the abbreviated name linked to the correct URL, is the first 50 characters of the link name linked to the first 50 characters of the link URL, then this is followed by the text <BR> (since the forum has no HTML privileges) then the rest of the link name (linked to no URL)

    I hope I explained this well enough.

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    if you think its a bug, post it in the BUGS forum !!!


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      You can't create new threads there, otherwise I would have


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        OK let me get this straight.

        Forum A has HTML on. A user makes a post using vB code to specify a URL, such as this:
        It shows up with ... in the middle but is linked correctly.

        This post is moved to Forum B, which does not have HTML on. The URL is truncated to the first 50 characters, and is not linked correctly.

        If that is exactly how it happened, I cannot replicate that on our test board.


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          That is precisely how it happened, and I'll be damned cause I can't replicate it either.

          Not even when making an <A> tag with a long link in it and moving it to a non-html forum.

          Oh well. I probably missed something but that's exactly what I remember from the incident. The text after the truncated link was <BR> followed by the rest of the link (of course not a hyperlink, just the rest of the link text)
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