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  • &altnavbar ??

    The &altnavbar=1 gets rid of the navbar. (admin/functions.php)

    Is it supposed to provide a heirarchical display ??

    just wondering ... (hack attack comming up here !! )
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    Dude, are you just sitting and adding variables to the URL and see what happens?
    (second time today)

    You're right, but I don't understnad the 2nd and 3rd lines of your post.
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      Re: &altnavbar ??

      Hmm... well I'm looking at the code to see what else might need to be done to
      make the navbar requirement that I have possible.
      Not just randomly adding one (although that could be fun )

      It looks like the intention would be to make a UBB type navigation here me thinks ( images referenced and not there )

      The change(s) needed for my requirement could be in this area

      the firefly dude lights the way

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        I honestly have no idea what that is. I can't find a navbaralt template anywhere (not even at the dev board) so I have to assume that it's a feature to-be-implemented-later.


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          look in

          functions.php makenavbar()

          PHP Code:

          if ($altnavbar) {
          $navbits explode(gettemplate("nav_joiner"),$navbits);
                  while (list(
          $key,$val)=each($navbits)) {
          $altnavbits .= "<br>$altnavprefix<img src=\"images/cascade/casendline.gif\"><img src=\"images/cascade/casicon.gif\">&nbsp;&nbsp;$val\n";
          $altnavprefix .= "<img src=\"images/cascade/casvertline.gif\">";
          "\$navbar = \"".gettemplate("navbaralt")."\";");
              } else {
          "\$navbar = \"".gettemplate("navbar")."\";");


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            Right - I found that, but I can't find the template it references (navbaralt) anywhere.