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List of ways to save bandwidth

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    I have one thing to ask:
    Originally posted by Chrispadfield
    5) Store default avatars on another server.
    is this possible on Vb3 ?


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      Originally posted by Serenarules
      I'm a tad confused myself when looking at the robots.txt samples posted here. None seem to match the files in my vb3.0.1 installation. Is there a more recent sample? I want to restrict spiders to publically visible forums and threads, but at the same time, keep them away from images, anything relating to loggin in, editing, and the like, as well as the admincp and modcp. Thanks for any assistance you give.
      you can refer this thread


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        Great post


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          A really dumb question... where in admincp do I disable calendar?


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            Originally posted by C_P
            A really dumb question... where in admincp do I disable calendar?
            Hey I think I can finally answer one!! :


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              I wonder if this really saves lots of bandwidth before I delete it.....


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                does someone have any idea about my question ? (the 1st post on this page)


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                  You can store non custom avatars (aka the ones you provide to your members) on another server.


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                    It's possible - just change a few templates, and use rysnc to sync the 2 servers.
                    Avatar Chat


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                      thanks Erwin, that helps me alot.

                      for anyone concern, to have remote avatar categories modify this template: modifyavatarbit , add the link of that remote server before $avatar[avatarpath]


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                        Coming soon - the vB remote avatar storage hack!


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                          ways to save b/w
                          turn off full text search
                          use image lite styles
                          remove the call home
                          turn off shout box hacks (that auto refresh)


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                            Remove the call home? What relevance is that? It does it server-side, thus no bandwidth is needed.


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                              Originally posted by chrispadfield
                              I thought I would write up a list of ways to save bandwidth. Perhaps this could then be moved to the Hints and Tips forum. Please add any other suggestions:

                              ADMIN SETTINGS:

                              1) Ensure that you do not have NO CACHE headers set on in your settings

                              2) Reduce the number of threads displayed on forumdisplay and the number of posts displayed in showthread

                              3) Use CSS to replace font settings:

                              SERVER SETTINGS:

                              1) Install gzip and turn it on for the forum (biggest saving you can make)

                              AVATAR SETTINGS:

                              You have a number of options here:

                              1) Encourage use of default avatars and not custom avatars (which don't appear to be cached by the browser. sorry could not find url discussing this)

                              2) Use hack to save custom avatars as files

                              3) Use hack to allow users to enter a link to their avatar off server

                              4) Prevent hotlinking of custom avatars with a referrer in avatar.php

                              5) Store default avatars on another server.


                              1) Place all your images on another server and link to them. The other server being a place with cheaper bandwidth.

                              2) Reduce the max size of attachments

                              3) Prevent attachments being viewed by guests, will also stop hotlinking from other sites.

                              4) Use mod re-write to prevent hotlinking of images and non custom avatars

                              CHEAP BANDWIDTH

                              I would recommend for a server at $100 per month and about $250 set up (rubbish server) but you get 300GB bandwidth and they have a decent network (with stats to show its use).

                              Of all these suggestions none really decrease any functionality of your forum. If you want to decrease more bandwidth and don't mind decreasing functionality, suggestions include:

                              1) Requiring registration (ie no guests)
                              2) Turn of PM
                              3) Turn of Calendar
                              4) Turn of forumjump (can use quite a lot of bandwidth if you have lots of forums. More than 40 forums and I would get rid of it)
                              None of the avatar setting links work for me.. says I do not have permission... yes I am licensed


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                                that helped me! even tho its for vb3

                                Need i say more?


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