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Need to lower my forum space

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  • Need to lower my forum space

    MY mySQL is 189 mb big right now. How do I reduce it without delete posts and members?

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    What's the 'minimum word length' you've set for searches? If it's 3, then try increasing to 4 and reindex your site. This should save a bit of space.
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      maybe you should delete old attachments since they're all stored in the mysql database
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        How do I do that? I dunno how to delete them


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          Ok, dont the index. Now it's at 176 mb. Still quite bit.


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            using phpMyAdmin, click on your forum DB name and you'll see all the tables listed.

            click the "empty" link in the "attachment" row

            if you don't have phpMyAdmin, I *think* the telnet command from the mysql prompt would be:

            DELETE * FROM attachment


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              That sucks da big one..


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                Re: Need to lower my forum space

                Originally posted by Fred
                MY mySQL is 189 mb big right now. How do I reduce it without delete posts and members?

                also posted Fred
                Hey buddy, if you neded hosting. I charge $2.50 per gig of bandwidth and $1 per 50mb space. I got my own servers, ect.


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                  um i was wondering that:

                  We have 4 servers, we can handle any traffic. Trust me. Just email me at [email protected]. If you need 2000 gigs of traffic, thats fine. We'll sort out the details later.
                  to answer your question

                  DELETE from attachments WHERE attachmentid < x

                  where x is the attachment id up to which you want deleting.
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                    There's a hack by tubedogg for managing attachments, also includes a function to delete them.

                    I'd give you the url but I'm on the run...
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                      Thanks guys, I'll do the phpmyadmin thing.


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                        Didn't do much really. Something must be messed with the tables.


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                          Take a look in the new version of phpMyAdmin (the one released a month or two ago) and it should show you which tables are taking up space. Post the table names of those that are using a lot of space.


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