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  • Toggle access masks?

    I've set up a private forum on my board and have been altering access masks to give certain people access to the forum. However, my friend has told me that he had disabled the editing of access masks, and he has no clue on how to go about re-enabling them... and frankly, neither do I.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Please enter your license information in your profile. See the link in my sig for more info. Thanks!


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      Im having this sort of trouble. I set up a forum so that just me and the mods can discuss the boards in private. Only one of my mods can see the forum though (shes the only “supermod”). I set it up in the control panel to only allow mods and admins in but if they cant see it how do they get in? Im sure theres something simple that im forgetting or missing. Maybe something to do with these “access masks”??


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        Ok I found where the edit access masks thing was. Im even more confused though because the mods who cant see the forums are already set up for access to the private forum. They had "yes" by the name for the forum. I changed it to default (as only mods should have access) but im confused as to why they couldnt get in before (or now depending).


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          Hasn’t worked.

          Can anybody help?


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            go to the admin control panel and go to Options --> User and registration options --> Enable Access Masks? --> YES


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              then edit the Access Masks for a user and they must work