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  • apitechcoord
    Home Page Broken after Upgrading
    by apitechcoord
    I just upgraded to 5.1.0
    The last two times I have upgraded our forum (this time and to 5.0.5), the home page works until I try to edit it. Once exiting the Edit function it is broken. It just refreshes...
    Mon 24 Mar '14, 10:48pm
  • Solange
    Home page
    by Solange
    I was trying to change my home page which was coming up as my terms of service page and I lost my forum. I am hoping management can restore my forum for me. I just had what felt like a panic. Thank you...
    Sat 17 Jan '15, 8:21am
  • GRAYTech
    Home Page
    by GRAYTech
    I was able to create a custom home page or 'landing Page'. How do I make it my default home page instead of the forums? Like when I click on the vBulletin logo it takes me to Forums instead of the...
    Sun 20 Dec '15, 1:01pm