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  • Question re: Ezboard Transfers

    About how long does it take, on average, to transfer all the threads over from an EZboard to a vBulletin board? I sent a request out earlier today with all the information and haven't even gotten a reply. I'm not in any particular rush, but I have a horde of rabid posters waiting for this.
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    I think it usually takes a couple of days. If you have specific enquiries you can contact Freddie, who normally does the ezboard imports (as he wrote the script )


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      Couple of days you say? Hmm... is the length affected at all by the number of posts that need transferring?

      Also: Would I be able to allow people to post in the forums that will be recieving the threads without it interfering with anything?
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        Yes you can allow them to post.

        I will attempt to finish all outstanding transfers today.


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          You're the bestestest.


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            Since this is now in the "How do I" forum...

            How do you make the multiple color scheme selections, like you have for the board in your sig?


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              Your best method of asking another question, is to ask in a new thread.

              But the way freddie has done that, i assume is

              Create however many styles(under styles) you need. Point them all to the same template set(unless you wish to change the look, other than colours of each one).

              Create a new replacment set for each one.

              Then edit each style and change the colours as you please.

              Very basic there, but its a start


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                Yeah, I found it shortly after asking, thanks.


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                  I'm sorry if I seem like I'm being a bit pushy, but I was wondering if I could at least get a status report. I had about 400 users register yesterday, and they're all wondering about this.


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                    Define 'Status' ?


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                      Well, I just wanted to know if it's underway, if it can't be started until tomorrow, etc. Perhaps even an estimate on time it will take, if I'm lucky.


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                        Is your forum

                        If so it won't be till tomorrow until I do it as it is rather large. Other than that one I don't have any to do, unless someone fell off my plate?


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                          Ok I see your name over there so it must be yours.

                          On a side note, when I developed this script I used your ezboard to build it from. At first I thought, wait, I have imported this forum before but actually it was from the all the test imports I did.


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                            omg... lol. That's pretty funny.

                            Alright, thanks for being such a great help with this. And I don't mean to sound like a brown noser, but... I bloody love your software.


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