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[RELEASE vB2.0.3] Custom Avatars as Files

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  • [RELEASE vB2.0.3] Custom Avatars as Files

    As i promised here it is, Custom Avatar As Files Hack for VB 2.0.3

    Description: This hack lets you store custom avatars in a separate folder rather than in the VBulletin database, saving space & querys in your MySQL database

    Here are some of the features:

    Allows to switch between file mode & database mode on the fly

    You can specify the custom avatar folder

    No SQL queries or PHP code required to display custom avatars

    If you use the Apache Web Server, the avatars folder can be protected by .htaccess thus preventing bandwidth stealing

    No cacheing issues with Internet Explorer 5.5

    All avatar options that are present when using the standard mySQL avatar system are still present, and users will not notice a difference in the interface.

    Full instructions in the Zip file attached.

    Note : If you use this hack, please leave your comments here.
    Thanks, Cocomiel

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      There seems to have been a slight problem with the database, etc etc

      I backed it up first and then started from scratch, still got the same error.

      I admit I don't know anything about php, but I'm curious about the coding in the instructions. For example, you say to find:
      PHP Code:
      if ($post[hascustomavatar] and $avatarenabled) {
      and replace with:

      PHP Code:
      if ($post[hascustomavatar] and $avatarenabled) {
              if (
      $usefileavatar$avatarurl=$fileavatarfolder "/avatar$post[userid]_$post[avatarrevision].gif";

      As I say, I don't know PHP, but every instance I've seen of else is enclosed as } else {, but not in your script. Could this cause the error?

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        Ah, received my tech error email, it shows:

        Database error in vBulletin Control Panel: Invalid SQL: ALTER TABLE user ADD
        avatarrevision INT (6) UNSIGNED DEFAULT '0' not null AFTER avatarid
        mysql error: Duplicate column name 'avatarrevision'
        mysql error number: 1060


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          if - else statements are not necessary enclosed by '}{'

          I recommend you start from the original VB version ( unhacked ), and follow the instructions carefully.


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            The second error you get is because you have the hack already installed, i will add code handle this in the next release.

            If someone else is getting that error please tell.
            Thanks, Cocomiel


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              Not sure if this will help, but the error I posted from the tech email was from the first attempt.

              thanks for your help


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                Ok, that explains everything.

                The error appears because you already have an avatarrevision field in your database, that is because you already instaled another hack that added that field.

                if you have phpMyAdmin instaled, select to your database
                and in the USER table delete the 'avatarrevision' field

                then go to the SETTINGS table and delete the last two fields

                But, as previously was mentioned I suggest you to begin installing the hack with a clean VB.


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                  Avatar categories compatible?


                  Great work on this hack cocomiel.

                  I have not get into this or installed yet, but I was wandering if this hack could be made compatible or is already compatible with the avatar categories hack posted.

                  I dunno if its got anything to do with the code involved but I would like to know if both hacks could be installed to work together.

                  Thank you.


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                    Xtrim, I dont know anything about that hack, but i will try to make it compatible in the next release


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                      I've looked into the installation.txt of that hack and since it only applies to avatars uploaded by the admin should work with my hack without problems.


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                        Installation took about 20 minutes(I forgot to download the files from the server, so I was using old versions - different comp) and it worked perfectly.

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                          Would other hacks interfere with this one? I want to know before I install it.


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                            As long as i know it will no interfere with any other hacks.


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                              Ok. Just asking because I saw this statement:
                              I recommend you start from the original VB version ( unhacked ), and follow the instructions carefully.
                              Also, is the step involving the "chmod" vital? Because I can't do that for the time being.


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