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    Apologies if this is covered somewhere but I couldn’t find it.

    I tried to create a subforum in one of my categories. But the subforum then showed up on the main forum listing. Is this not possible to do? Basically I want a few sub-forums under a broad category but I don’t want people to be able to post in the category (which is why I didn’t use a forum). I guess I could create a forum and then close it but that wouldn’t look as neat.

    An example of what I want is found here . Go to the forum called “Other Paths” and that might explain what I mean better than I can say in words!

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    Didn't really understand what you want there, but maybe this'll help you:
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      Thanks Firefly but I don’t think that’s what im asking for.

      Ill put the question another way as I got confused reading my first post and I know what I want!

      Are there any tutorials or anything on subforums? I might be able to work out how to do what I want by reading through one of them.



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        Anybody? Im sorry to be a pain in the ass but im new to this!


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          Ok ill try a different question.

          How do I turn a current forum into a sub-forum?

          For instance I have several forums like "movies", "games", "music" etc. How would I go about making all of them sub-forums in a general entertainment forum? I dont want to lose the posts that are already there!


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            That's what you wanted all along??

            Just create the Entertainment forum, and then set the parent of the Movies, Games and Music to the Entertainment forum. (in the edit screen of the forums)
            Chen Avinadav
            Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

            גם אני מאוכזב מסיקור תחרות לתור מוטור של NRG הרשת ע"י מעריב


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              That doesnt work! It still displays it on the main forum listing. I want it to be a sub-forum inside the general entertainment!
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                If you want them to show up on the main page, to go options and set the deepness thing higher, like to 3


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                  If you don't want subforums of categories to display on the forum home page, try setting the depth of the forum display to 1


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                    Ok I am back with another question.

                    I have figured out how to make subforums but now I want to make sub-sub-forums (if thats even possible).

                    Basicially I have one catergory set up called "The Mall" that displays on the front page. Clicking on that will take you into another menu with around 5 sub-forums. One of these is for the Lord of the Rings movies called "The Trilogy". Now that a couple of the movies have been released I would like to seperate my members reviews into actual forums for each movie.

                    What I want then is to add a subform to the Trilogy subforum without it displaying anywhere except in the Trilogy forum.

                    I have tried changing the depth of the boards (everything from 1 to 5!) and nothing changed (except on setting 1 everything vanished ).

                    My site is and you can click on The Mall to see what I mean by it displaying the extra 2 subforums I set up. How do I stop these displaying in the "Mall" subforum?

                    Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


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                        You need to add templates to the system for anything more than two levels deep.

                        Create templates for levels 3,4 and 5.
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