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  • Too many hits?

    Hello. I have installed vbulletin and I also have the Webalizer stats program on my web host. Ever since I have had the board, I have had thousands of hits a day, when the amount of traffic previously was comparatively small. Is there a reason for the hit count to be so large? I don't think it is individual users and few people have signed up. My board is hosted on venturesonline and can be found at . Thanks.
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    hits, pages, files and visits are different items

    hits in webalizer are server hits which means a page with 4 images counts as 1 + 4 = 5 server hits

    you should look at visits as the number of visitors

    i.e. my server with 3 of my sites have 800,000 server hits per day but only 8,000 visits/day
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      Thanks for clearing that up. That makes a lot more sense.
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