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  • Private Forum and Moderators Question

    Hello all..

    I am switching over from UBB ( oops did I say that on here.. lol)

    the current live board is the UBB ( 6.04 )

    I have 48 forums with 12 of them being private

    the private forums now are accessed via a forum password..

    Each moderator Only has access to the private forum that he is the moderator of ( not all of the private forums ) ..

    and we have a private forum for ALL moderators to access so that I can pass out current info etc..

    Here is my question:

    1.) How do I set up the various private forums so that the proper members have access to thier private forum only..

    2.) How do I limit the moderators so that they only have access in the private forum that they moderate ( no other private forums ).

    Some members have access to a couple of the private forums and the admin section etc.. If I am understanding this.. I would need to create a multitude of user profiles..? This could get very confusing and very time consuming..

    Is there a easier way around this that I am missing..?

    ( my lic info is in my profile )

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    These are both general permissions questions, so I should be able to answer them together.

    Forum permissions come in 2 flavors: access masks (user-by-user) or usergroup permissions (group-by-group). You can mix and match (to an extent).

    To do what you want, you need to get down to the nitty gritty and set the permissions directly -- you can't use the "private forum?" option as that will allow all mods to access it.

    Just some background:
    Access masks are located at users -> find -> <criteria> -> [edit access masks]. Make sure you have the general option for them enabled ("Enable Access Masks?")

    Forum Permissions are found at usergroups & permissions -> modify forums.

    If you want to use usergroups only, you have to split into all the possible groups you have -- ie, if you have private forums A, B, and C, you need to split into groups called: A, B, C, AB, AC, BC, ABC to cover all possibilities. That gets tedious.

    If you're only going to use access masks, then you have to set each users permissions individually which can also be tedious depending on the size of your forum.

    The easiest option IMO is to use a combination of both -- create more general usergroups and then use access masks to create exceptions to the groups rule (ie, group X can access A, B, and C, but you don't want user Y to access B [but do want him to see A and C], to you put him in X, but set his access mask for B to "no").

    It's kinda hard to explain on a general level, but I hope this'll get you goin.


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      a question in mixing both kinds of permissions...


      - Up to now I'm using "usergroup permissions" with several groups.
      - Further I would like to create one forum, which is only accessable for nearly 15 users.

      A) Does the enabling of access masks now (in general options), effect to the use of user group perm. in any way?

      B) After enabling, at first every user has a standard konfiguration of "zero" (no access anywhere) in his access mask?

      C) Do I only need (for the 15 persons) to enable them in their access mask?

      I would like to prevent for making a mistake in permissions, because I've no possibility to test everything...



      • #4 addition please, may be I cannot express very understandable this question in your language....

        - I would like to keep all of my "user group perms.", because its running without problems and I'm happy with it

        - when I enable these 15 users in their access mask (yes, also after enabling this feature in general options), that doesn't effect anything else, any other user, every profile will do its work like before?



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