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HOw do you stop Piracy?

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  • HOw do you stop Piracy?

    I have seen some Pirated Vbulletion Boards, that I really do not care for and would wish to report them. HOw do I go about this and second how do you guys go about it?

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    Your answer will probably come very shortly from a moderator,
    but I saw the same question posted elsewhere by a pirate
    himself! I'm not sure you can do more than just report it,
    because VB's methods may be confidential.


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      Either PM a moderator/developer, or email them

      i think its [email protected], or

      cant remember :|


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        errr. any mods or administators wanna back up what the guy above me said?

        Also the reason why I would like to know how you deal with Piracy, is because I would like to turn in someone who has a pirated board, because I think it is wrong, however I Do not want that person to get into trouble, or have his IP suspend him.
        So again how do you guys go about doing this?


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          [email protected]

          Send the link to the forum in question.


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            That is correct; either let a Moderator or Developer know, or email [email protected].

            In terms of what will happen, James Limm is in charge of piracy. He will confirm that it is a pirate board, then ask the person to remove the board or pay for it. If they refuse, then the person will be reported to their host. I'm not totally certain that's how he does it though...95% sure.


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              THank you guys!!


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                I ran a UBB without a license once, and got a nasty letter from someone at Infopop! It worked though, I bought a license the next day - why oh why???!
                I hope VB do the same sort of thing.
                Gotta say I'm totally happy with VB now I've moved over though, and it's cheaper. UBB is no good on a busy site


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