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    Prior to vB, I had phpBB. One thing I liked about phpBB is that it had a noticeable PM message. When I logged in, there was a link right below the heading (thus, its on every page) saying "You Have A New PM."

    Now, in vB, I find that the only way to find out if you have a new PM is to go all the way below your forums, which most of my members do not.

    Is there a way I can make a better noticeable PM?
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    In each member's individual user control panel a person may set the option of having an email dispatched to their registered account notifying them they have received a PM.

    Otherwise, you can have a small box pop up notifying you that you have received a PM as well.

    I use the email option, but since I am a member at various forums, this clutters up my box, so I'm going to switch them all to either completely off, or the pop up box.



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      You can also move $pminfo to the top of your forumhome template.
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