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  • redrat

    HTML font class and redirect pages ...

    Problem :
    After upgrading from 2.01 to 2.03, I've noticed that redirect pages (ex: "Your search is in progress .....") were not using the html font class I had setup (thanks to Kier for this great tip , more infos here )

    Solution :
    Just add $headinclude between <head> and </head> in standardredirect template.

    Have somebody else experienced this ?
  • Steve Machol
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    Yoiu have been asked to put in you license info and consistently refuse to do so. You will get no support in this forum until you can show that your are a valid license holder.
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    • redrat

      I know I won't get support and I'm not in position to ask for some.

      This post is not requesting help but trying to help others