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  • Database connectivity

    Hello. I just got vbulletin, I have never tried to install anything like this before. I get to the step to check for database connectivity and it just gives errors, along the lines of
    'Warning: Host '' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server in /home/norscotf/public_html/forum/admin/db_mysql.php on line 40'
    'The database has failed to connect because you do not have permission to connect to the server. Please go back to the last step and ensure that you have entered all your login details correctly'. I have an account with venturesonline. Please could you help me? Thanks, Simon.
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    Right, I got through the first bit, I had changed something in the config.php file that I shouldn't have. But now it says that a MySql Database already exists, which it doesn't. If I press 'next' at this point, it says it is creating tables etc, then at the bottom it says:

    'The script reported errors in the installation of the tables. Only continue if you are sure that they are not serious.

    The errors were:

    Error number: 1046

    Error description: No Database Selected'
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      Do you have access to the database with phpmyadmin or similar? If so, go check whether the databse and tables for vBulletin created. I guess you didn't setup any forums and users yet so you may just drop the tables and let the script create new ones.


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        Its Cpanel3 that I have. It says MySql Databases: 0. When I go into php myadmin, it says 'Wrong username/password. Access denied. (Do you have any databases setup?)'. Any ideas? And thanks for the quick response.
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          Well, ok. There we have the problem. You didn't setup ANY database. I also have CPANEL3 at my account so I can give you instructions on how to set all up.
          [list=1][*]Go to SQL Database[*]In the new page, at the bottom, there should be a line saying Users: enter a username and its password. (Note: CPanel usually adds the domainname in front of the username so if u enter user it will get yourdomain_user).[*]Go back to SQL Database (since there's a missing back button, you best go back to home and select SQL Database again).[*]Now, on top, there's the line Databases. There's a field called Db with the button Add Database. Enter the name of the Database (for vBulletin e.g. vbforum) and click the button. (Note: Same name giving as user, vbforum gets to yourdomain_vbforum).[*]Back to SQL Database choose the created Username in the first dropdown and the created database in the second dropdown and click Add User to Db (in those dropdown menues you also see the name of the user and the database:Remember them exactly as they are written there).[*]Back to SQL Database you can now click on phpmyadmin at the bottom and you should be able to see the created database in phpmyadmin.[/list=1]

          Now you need to configure config.php:

          As dbserver enter localhost
          as dbusername the chosen username (remember the yourdomain_ in front)
          as dbpassword your chosen password
          as dbname your chosen databasename e.g. vbforum (actually yourdomain_vbforum)

          Now the install should work.
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            Thanks for the help. I got a little bit confused before, but with your help everything is now running fine. Thanks, Simon.
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              You're welcome.


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