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[Release] phpnuke reg integration hack

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    PostNuke is a fork of Francisco Burzi's PHP-Nuke. There are no big differences, but I like it more than PHP-Nuke because there are not so many big bugs included
    You can find PostNuke here.

    I don`t know if there are any problems to switch from PHP-Nuke to PostNuke. I made a clean installation of PostNuke.


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      What files did you edit on PostNuke?
      Does the Who's Online work with the VB database?
      Can I see an example of your site?



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        Sorry, but you can`t see an example of my site because I`m still programming and so it`s running on my notebook. I don`t know if the Who`s Online hack is working because I haven`t integratet it yet. But you can mail it, then I`ll look if it`s working...

        I only editeted the user.php file. Search for "user.php?op=" (without the ") and change them to the url of the register.php of vB.


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          So just replace every single user.php?op= with ?


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            You can make it better, but I`ll tell you later how because I`ve a meeting now.


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              Thanks... This hack is confusing me a lot. I don't understand how simply changing a few links in 1 file can let phpNuke access the vbulletin database and use it for posting etc. I've looked at postNuke and it looks much better than phpNuke, and hence I expect I will change over - as soon as I understand how this whole thing works.
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                Forgotten about me Madison?

                I emailed Russel, but I didn't understand his 1 line response.


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                  Sorry, but I`ve really forgotten about you. I had to do so much work today.... you know

                  But tomorrow (10-18-2001) I`ll tell you. But before I have to try it out. Maybe it doesn`t work. But im sure it does...

                  Sorry for my bad english, but I`m a german.


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                    Nothing to aplogise for mate! Your English is 100% better than my German!


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                      STILL don't understand this hack.


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                        Do you have ICQ? I think its easier to tell you with ICQ...

                        My number is 102461327, but maybe I`ll connect with a nother number, so it will be better if you`ll give me your number.


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                          don't know postnuke...

                          have to look into that.... for what i've seen... it's just a modified version of phpnuke...

                          both version need a LOT of tweaking before it does what you want it to do... but when you do.... OH MAMMA!!!

                          maybe postnuke is getting more attention now (, but i'll stick to 'my' phpNuke till postnuke *really* becomes better.....(!)


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                            Not useful ?!

                            Nice idea to post data in both dbs; but what i fsomeone wants to change his stuff?

                            With this solution you have to find every mysql-update in both scripts. Cant be the right way!?

                            Im sitting here for two days now, melting both databases into one;
                            the idea is to add every extra feield from PN (table users) into table user (VB); then change the PN-Files to use password instead pass, homepgae instead url and so on.
                            Most of the thing is ready here; some problems will solved this night (registering VB with mail and activation-code, PN with made passwort) and some more.

                            Its a f*cking work, and im afraid of the next update of pn; but the only way i see...



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                              ps. my email's [email protected] ... there's TWO L's

                              And the new version of PHPNuke5.2, the user.php page changed, basically all that line did was to get rid of the click here to register, and change it to a link to the vBulletin rego.


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