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Creating a code tag that won't try to execute any code within the tags?

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  • Creating a code tag that won't try to execute any code within the tags?

    I am looking for a tag that will do this. Does the php tag do this? And if it does, how do I replace the code tag with the php tag.

    BTW what is the code tag even used for? I thought the code tag was SUPPOSE to do just that, show the code and not execute any code within the tags.

    Can somebody please help with instructions and/or tell me what exactly these tags are meant to do.

    Thanks in advance.

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    What kind of code are you trying to keep from being "executed"? PHP, HTML...?


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      I would like a tag that wont execute and just write the freakin code to HTML, php, UBB code, VB code, etc. etc. etc.

      Please tell me this is possible. I don't want it to go through any executers or anything. If it aint colorered, that's fine. But I would like to create a universal tag that would just show EXACTLY whatever is inbetween the tags.

      Is this possible?

      *crosses fingers*


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        Well, unless you have HTML enabled on your forums (a no-no in general) it shouldn't parse HTML regardless of whether you use tags around it or not.
        PHP should never, ever be executed regardless.
        vB Code isn't executed inside [php] tags.

        The code tag is just a copy of the quote tag, except in a monospace font.


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          I do have html enabled (because it's a go go for me) and when I use VB code within the [ code ] tags, it executes it. Like when I do a image inside the code tag, I would want it to show the code, but instead it shows the picture.

          As far as enabling html goes, just put html code that you don't want executed in users posts in your censorered word list. That way they can't do "bad" things.


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