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A couple of problems

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  • A couple of problems

    1) When browsing on my forums across 2 different computers on the same network with 2 different forum logins (each login having a different style set configured), the style set for the user logged in on the first computer (fury) is always changed to the one the second computer's (wbt) is configured to have (after I log in on the second computer as wbt). However, the logins remain unique (i.e. the first still stays logged in as fury as the second logs in as wbt). Did I make any sense? How do I fix this?

    2) Also, there is an option in the control panel for time limit on thread title editing by normal users. My question is, how do normal users GET to edit the thread title? There is no Admin Options down at the bottom of the screen with the option, and trying to change the title by editing the first post to reflect the new title doesn't work. Was this intentional, or is there a problem with my forums?

    URL of these forums is in the link in my sig, as well as the link to the phpInfo

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    I'm not sure about your first question, but for the second one, members can edit the thread title for a few minutes using the Subject box in the first post in the thread. So the first poster just edits his post and changes the subject at the top.


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      I set the time limit to 0 so users could edit the thread title at any time they want and it still only changed the small subject text at the top of the post, not the title of the entire thread.


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        Actually in this case (and this case only) 0 means just that: 0 minutes. You would have to set it to a very high number to allow them to always be able to edit the thread title.


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          OK, thanks tube I appreciate it