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  • Information on cookies for privacy policy

    So that we can provide our members and visitors with accurate information in our privacy policy, could someone explain how cookies are used by vB and what information is kept? Is there some cookie(s) set on the server as well on the local PC?

    Anyone have this explained in a privacy policy?

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    Most of it's in the FAQ.

    Other small things include lastvisit time for unregistered users (for the lightbulbs/folder icons), referrer userid (if there is one), and currently used style (so it's retained).


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      The lawyer who is co-admin of our site saves that we are supposed to advise of precisely what information is stored or trracked.

      "This board also gives you the option to use a cookie to track your current session, ensuring that you remain logged-on while browsing the site."

      Is this cookie referred to in the FAQ on the server or the local PC?

      If information is kept for unregistered visitors, then that would mean that cookies are set without any authorization from visitors unless they have cookies disabled in their browser?


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        List of cookies from the user standpoint.

        bbuserid -- userid (option)
        bbpassword -- encrypted password (option)
        sessionhash -- sessionhash for maintaining state (always set)
        bblastvisit -- last visit time (unregistered users; always set)
        bbthreadview[] -- last visit time of specific thread (always set)
        bbreferrerid -- userid of referrer (if one; always set)
        bbstyleid -- styleid of current style (if one; always set)

        All cookies are end user-side.


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          newbie talkin' here:

          What is meant by "end user side?"



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            There is no-such thing as "Server-Side" Cookies...

            All Cookies are stored on the Users machine no matter what site you go to. The only types of cookies are temporary or session based cookies and permanent cookies.
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              Re: newbie talkin' here:

              Originally posted by Schoolhouse Roc
              What is meant by "end user side?"
              fyi, though there are tons of FAQs all over the web describing how cookies work and what some of the related privacy issues are, I wrote and compiled the following FAQ for my site, targeting as best as possible toward a newbie's level of tech knowledge. It think it's better than most, but in any case, it may explain a few things for you more clearly. In my experience, some people are terrified of cookies -- and usually these people have only dangerously partial information that skews their whole perception about them. My attempt was to put it in context and lay it all out on the line for them to see. It's way more info than the average person will ever want, but at the same time it gives the paranoid people some information that clears up some of the mysteries or fears.

              Cookies & Privacy -- the whole enchilada, in layman's terms


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                Wow! Thanks! Your page was incredibly helpful... I am most impressed...

                Thanks again to you and all who have helped!


                "Hey, since I've got you here, you wouldn't happen to know what is meant by "Forum Depth" in my vB control panel would you?" I was going to put this question in another forum, but I don't know if it's a "how to" or a "style" issue... Don't know what "forum depth" is enough to know where to put it.... Thanks again!


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                  "Depth" is the word used to describe how many successive 'levels' there are to it.

                  In this case, it wants to know how many nested forum/category names you want displayed on your main page.

                  Let's say you have something like:

                  PHP Code:
                   (it isn't really PHP code, I just wanted to preserve the indents for the outline-like explanation...)

                  Customising vBulletin [category]
                      Requests [Forum]
                      Releases [Forum]
                           Version 2.x  [sub-forum of Releases]
                           Version 1.x [sub-forum of Releases] 
                  And your depth is set to two.

                  On the Main Forum page, it would ONLY display:

                  Customising vBulletin

                  If your depth was set to three, it would go ahead and display those two sub-forums inside the Releases Forum:

                  Customising vBulletin
                  Version 2.x
                  Version 1.x

                  More or less.

                  There's probably a few better words to have used instead of 'depth,' but hey, it's what the industry uses for most things like this.



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                    Also, read this thread:


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                      So, for each viewed thread I have a cookie. Isn't there a 20 cookie limit for each domain/path?

                      What happenes when the limit is reached? Is the oldest cookie getting removed? I was wondering why I was suddenly logging out from my web site... Maybe this is the problem.


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                        No no no - you have a *line* in the (singular) bbthreadview cookie for every thread you've read.

                        I don't know if there is a limit or not to how many cookies per domain you can have.


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                          Well, it sets bbthreadview[threadid] cookie for each thread I visit. There is a limit on the number of cookies. I believe it to be 20. I don't remember if it's 20 for permanent cookies only or 20 overall, permanent and session cookies.

                          Anyway, this would explain why I was getting logged out of my site. 3 cookies for my site, 2 cookies for vB and it's not hard to visit 15 threads in 1 session. It would also explain why the logging out was not consistant.


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                            The code is:
                            PHP Code:
                            So, it sets cookies named "bbthreadview[1]", "bbthreadview[2]", etc. for each thread I visit. With numbers corresponding to the threads I visit, of course.


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                              I'll go easy on you since you appear to not be a programmer.

                              bbthreadview is an array (and a cookie, but set that aside for a second).
                              bbthreadview[$threadid] is an element of the bbthreadview array. For each thread you visit, the thread has a threadid. The threadid is added as an element of the array. So it is just one cookie with an array of elements for the contents. The bbuserinfo cookie works the same way.


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