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    i understand

    well heres a good sign

    the DB IS updating

    i try to upload a pic...and get this error

    Error: file 1_photo.jpg not found.
    BUT-i look in the picture_name field in the database and it says file 1_photo.jpg !!!

    so the DB isnt the problem

    please dont give up on me yet-im one of those people who will still be trying this a year from now lol


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      mav, your image paths are wrong. that is the bottom line. Trust me on this, check your image paths, or make sure your folder is CHMOD correct. Than use the variables that Brad has set in the show picture template, and all is well.

      I just reinstalled this script again on portals, and believe me when i say image paths are a direct result of display. I might add, that the script i am using, allows 6 uploads, so there is nothing wrong with the script itself. Please re-read the instructions.


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        I won't give up on you, as long as you don't give up on my directions!

        and yes Tora is correct.. did you ever get moved over to using webhost as your host? Cause like I told him.. if you don't have permissions to put a chmodd on a folder under win2k to 777 then this might not work at all..

        cause 777 gives users, and admins actually anyone the ability to write and read to that folder.. which is needed.


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          i see,

          but if permissions on the server were the problem-how come the upload attachment feature works?

          just curious-it might help me troubleshoot


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            little further

            almost everything works

            database updates
            paths are correct
            if i manually stick the photo in the dir-it pulls up perfect in profile

            but it WILL NOT upload!!!!!


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              have you switched over to webhosts hosting services?

              Cause like I said.. he has helped you out with this in the past, instead of coming to me first...

              if you are using win2k.. or a windows server, I cannot help you cause I don't know what it might be, but I will tell you this when me and webhost were talking.. it seems that was the problem... your permissions are off.. and I don't know how the file attachment stuff work or anything about that.


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                No problem

                right now i am MANUALLY entering their pics into DB and Server
                and its working fine....150 users!!lol

                Oh well-this hack is worth it

                Thank You!!


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                  I am sorry I cannot be of more help... I don't use windows as my server, nor do I have access to one, so I cannot help ya on how to set it up.. and the problems that can occur..

                  Once again I am sorry if I come off a little like an a--hole.. hopefully here in a couple of weeks... all that is hectic and in total chaos.. will be gone and I will be back to my normal self

                  hopefully.. lol


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                    Has anyone run into this problem:

                    I've uploaded a .gif & .jpg and it's telling me that my file is not a jpg,gif type.

                    Can anyone figure out why the hell it's saying this?

                    It's set like this: $Type_Restrictions = "jpg,gif";


                    • Forget it, guess this won't upload gif's


                      • mind uploades gif files, you need to make a change in the upload.php file I believe

                        PHP Code:
                        /* File Type Restrictions Variables                                */
                        $max_height "200";         /* Max Image Height                   */
                        $max_width "200";          /* Max Image Width                    */
                        $Size_Restrictions "2000000";       /* image size limit in bytes */
                        $Width_Restrictions "200";          /* your width limit          */
                        $Height_Restrictions "200";         /* your height limit         */
                        /* If you want to have it chosen where you can enable users to be  */
                        /* able to upload gif formated pictures to... then use this next   */
                        /* line that is commented out, instead of the other one.           */
                        $Type_Restrictions "jpg,gif,jpeg";    /* your upload file types    */
                        /* $Type_Restrictions = "";           /* your upload file types    */
                        /* This is where you fill in your server information so that it    */
                        /* knows where and what to connect to.                             */
                        PHP Code:
                            $error_msg .= "<font color=\"$errortext\" face=\"$font\" size=\"$smallerfontsize\">You Did Not Specify a ""Photo to Upload! Please Re-Submit!!</font>";
                        /* again if you are giving the users the ability to upload gif formated pictures use the commented out line */
                            /* else if (($picture_type != "image/pjpeg") && ($picture_type != "image/jpeg") && ($picture_type != "image/gif")) */
                        else if (($picture_type != "image/pjpeg") && ($picture_type != "image/jpeg"))
                        $error_msg .= "<font color=\"$errortext\" face=\"$font\" size=\"$smallerfontsize\">Your file is not a $Type_Restrictions type, please only try to upload: $Type_Restrictions formated images.</font></font></td></tr></table></td></tr></table>";
                            else if ( 
                        $picture_size $Size_Restrictions 
                        Real Web Host


                        • Here in a week or so.. I might start on version 2.0 of this, where it will be more closely intergrated into vb... and hopefully stop and fix all the little problems in my first release version.

                          I will try to make it where, if you are still running the first version... the changes for the new one can be easily updated or changed to be the new version

                          and I might make it where you can have up to 2 or 3.. uploads .. but that is just a thought, not for sure.. really.


                          • Brad!!

                            your not gonna believe this!!......

                            I just Installed the "store custom avatars as files" hack-and its working perfect!!!

                            It uploads the avatar to the server and renames it according to UserID!!!

                            Not a single problem!!!

                            My paths are correct-ive confirmed that numerous ways-and the DB IS updating!!-But with your hack the files wont upload!!??

                            what do u think of this?



                            • I already knew about this... but I can't explain it... because I am a complete moron

                              Besides installing it myself on your server, I have no way of knowing why it won't.. I mean the way it seems.. it should work just fine with the amount of help that has been given to ya.. so I dunno.


                              • In the getinfo you made a mistake.

                                PHP Code:
                                    <td bgcolor="#DFDFDF"><normalfont></normalfont><b>$userinfo[username]'s
                                    <td bgcolor="#DFDFDF"><normalfont>$picture_name<br><br>$userinfo[photodesc]</normalfont></td>
                                It should be:

                                PHP Code:
                                    <td bgcolor="#DFDFDF"><normalfont><b>$userinfo[username]'s
                                    <td bgcolor="#DFDFDF"><normalfont>$picture_name<br><br>$userinfo[photodesc]</normalfont></td>
                                Im not sure if this has been mentioned already but anyway..


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