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  • [Release vB2] Hidden Posts

    I have updated this hack. It now hides hidden posts during replying, when they are shown below the newreply screen for review.

    See the upgrade instructions below.


    Just for the record this IS NOT Lockdown. This allows the user to select an option when posting/editing a post that will make his post display a message that it is hidden, and to view it, click here. It's great for spoilers, off-color language, or anything else that you would want the viewer to make a conscious decision to view it.

    Idea by amykhar.

    Screenshot is here.

    For version: 2.0.3

    Files needed: install_hiddenposts.php

    Files to edit: newthread.php, newreply.php, editpost.php, showthread.php, admin/functions.php

    Templates to edit/create: newthread, newreply, editpost, postbit_hidden

    Instructions are in the zip in a file named INSTALL.

    Upgrading Instructions: To upgrade from the previous version of this hack (which didn't hide posts when replying), do the following:
    In newreply.php, find
    PHP Code:
              if ($ignore[$post[userid]]) {
    $reviewmessage $ignoreduser
    Right below that, add
    PHP Code:
              } elseif ($post[hidden]) {
    "\$hiddenpost = \"".gettemplate("threadreviewbit_hidden")."\";");
    $reviewmessage $hiddenpost
    Then find
    PHP Code:
            post.pagetext,post.allowsmilie,post.userid FROM post 
    and replace that with
    PHP Code:
            post.pagetext,post.allowsmilie,post.userid,post.hidden FROM post 
    And that's it.

    Please DO NOT email, PM, IM, or otherwise contact me off this board about this hack. Post in this thread.

    Feedback appreciated. Enjoy!

    This hack is ©2001 Kevin Schumacher and may not be redistributed, edited or not, without this copyright notice attached.
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    busy bee huh
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      Do you have a demo? I'm not exactly sure what this does.


      • #4
        No demo but there's a screenshot I just added to the first post.


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          i think is same to ubb hack too....


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            I did a similar thing, only it's a lot simpler. Not quite as fancy...but I think the simpleness of it makes it just as good.

            All it is is a custom vB Code tag called Spoiler. The vB Code tag is spoiler, the vB Code replacement is
            PHP Code:
            <font class=spoiler>{param}</font
            ...the vB Code explanation is
            The [spoiler] tag allows you to place text in your message that is unreadable, unless someone highlites it. This makes viewing the text a deliberate effort. This is for posting messages about movies or other things where you might not wish to give away plot points to those that haven't seen it yet.
            ...and the Use { option }? is No.

            Note that this requires you to place this bit of code inside the style section of the Head Insert on your styles (same thing as the headinclude template):
            PHP Code:
            .spoiler    {colorblackbackgroundblack
            And here is a demo:
            -Justin "JJR512" Rebbert
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              I am not sure if this is just me but I installed it and the hidden post shows that message, but when I click on the link to view the actual message that is hidden I get the warning message again ???


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                Looks great. I just installed it!
                - MrLister


                • #9
                  Thanx man ill give it a shot :P


                  • #10
                    this hack after the install....
                    need do sth for active !?
                    coz my case is no change....


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                      I think Kevin it's time to update your signature with another well done hack


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                        i tried tubedoggs way-and although i got no errors...
                        it just didnt work

                        i would like to try JJR512's way, but i simply am not sure how to do it-ive never messed around with replacement variables

                        could someone be kind enough to write a VERY detailed way to do this-so i could give it a try-it would be much appreciated!!


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                          What didn't work about it? Did you make all the changes to the files? And create a new post marked as "hidden"?


                          • #14

                            and it just came out as a regular post


                            • #15
                              Most importantly, is this in admin/functions.php ?

                              PHP Code:
                                  if ($ignore[$post[userid]]) {
                              "\$retval = \"".gettemplate("postbit_ignore")."\";");
                                  } elseif (
                              $hidden==1) {
                              "\$retval = \"".gettemplate("postbit_userhidden")."\";");
                                  } else {
                              "\$retval = \"".gettemplate("postbit")."\";");


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