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    It seems I messed up the directions a bit...hmm...well not exactly, but the thing I have you searching for in showthread.php actually appears twice, and it needs to go in the second place, not the first.

    So here goes:
    In showthread.php, find
    PHP Code:
    and add right below it
    PHP Code:
      if ($post[hidden]==1) {
      } else {
    It should now work. I've updated the installer with this change.


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      Originally posted by tubedogg
      It's great for spoilers, off-color language, or anything else that you would want the viewer to make a conscious decision to view it.
      I think this is a great feature -- expecially for movie discussions; good job. Kevin, correct me if I'm wrong, but this is an all-or-nothing option for any given post, correct? Did you consider an option that enables you to write a "public" portion of a post, then select another portion of the post to be treated as "hidden"? In which case in the post display, at the point where you encounter the hidden marker, your warning message appears, requiring you to click to see the rest?

      I also tried JJR512's "blackout & highlight" scheme -- and it is a great idea and does accomplish the basic task of blockout, then requiring an active choice to display. Very cool. Nothing wrong with it at all.

      For me, personally, I do think a click-through is a more certain form of protection than the active-choice highlight scheme. (I've been known to do cntrl-A at times, unintentionally, due to 2-finger hunt & peck clumsiness, but it's pretty far-fetched to worry about that


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        When someone quotes a hidden post, shouldn't the post default to hidden? A minor thing, but there are rude people out there that would do something like this not thinking they're giving it away for everyone else.


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          thanks tubedogg

          ill try this tomorrow and let ya know!!


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            Re: well....

            Originally posted by Maverick1236
            i tried tubedoggs way-and although i got no errors...
            it just didnt work

            i would like to try JJR512's way, but i simply am not sure how to do it-ive never messed around with replacement variables

            could someone be kind enough to write a VERY detailed way to do this-so i could give it a try-it would be much appreciated!!
            I posted about it in a thread:

            If anyone has any other questions or comments about my thing, I think it would be only fair to Tubedogg if you posted them in that thread. I didn't mean to steal Tubedogg's thread; sorry, dude.
            -Justin "JJR512" Rebbert
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              s'ok JJR

              Squashed another bug folks. Involving editpost.php...

              Add right below it

              Then find
              PHP Code:
                $DB_site->query("UPDATE post SET title='".addslashes(htmlspecialchars($title))."',pagetext='".addslashes($message)."',allowsmilie='$allowsmilie',showsignature='$signature',iconid='$iconid'$editedbysql$attachmentsql WHERE postid='$postid'"); 
              and replace it with
              PHP Code:
                $DB_site->query("UPDATE post SET title='".addslashes(htmlspecialchars($title))."',pagetext='".addslashes($message)."',allowsmilie='$allowsmilie',showsignature='$signature',iconid='$iconid', hidden='$hidden'$editedbysql$attachmentsql WHERE postid='$postid'"); 
              and reupload editpost.php. Should now work.


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                Works like a charm (at least for new posts, haven't fully tested edited posts and replies yet)

                THANK YOU Kevin



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                  after install find some problem~~

                  Database error in vBulletin: Invalid SQL: INSERT INTO post (postid,threadid,title,username,userid,dateline,attachmentid,pagetext,allowsmilie,showsign ature,ipaddress,iconid,visible,hidden) VALUES (NULL,'16','[ ¤À¨É ]¤¶²Ð¤@£|·s¶}£x½×¾Â','squawell','1','999881856','0','VWEVWEV','1','1','','0','1',' 1')
                  mysql error:
                  mysql error number: 0
                  Date: Saturday 08th of September 2001 12:57:36 AM
                  Script: /vbb203/newthread.php
                  Referer: http://localhost/vbb203/

                  what's wrong??who can tell me??pls~~~


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                    Dang, I can't believe someone made this...I run a movie forum site, so a [spoiler] tag is becoming a must. I'll probably write my own version of it though, which can give users the option to automatically display spoilers anyway, have them show up in a JS alert, or have them show up in a popup window...or something.
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                      One of my users just noticed a slight hitch in the hack. When hit reply, all of the posts, hidden and not, are displayed down below.

                      I am going to poke around and see if I can fix it, but it might take a while.



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                        I noticed that yesterday too. Shouldn't be too hard to fix...will work on it and release a new version probably by Tuesday.


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                          OK all fixed up. See the first post.


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                            Way cool



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                              great hack thanks matey apart from a error on the instructions:

                              Step 5 of 5 Find:

                              post.pagetext,post.allowsmilie,post.userid FROM post

                              Right below that, add

                              post.pagetext,post.allowsmilie,post.userid,post.hidden FROM

                              whereas ur not sposed to add the code below your sposed to replace it with it.

                              i know its summet n nothin thought id just let ya know n e ways

                              keep up the good work matey


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                                tubedogg master:

                                i download your new file but it still no work in my forum!!

                                can you help me~~i send need to edit php file to you

                                can you help me to edit those php file ??please~~~

                                i already fail too much time~~~

                                if you won't !! that's alright and sorry bother you too much time!


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