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  • Before I sign up...........

    I am currently using a Geocities account with an EZboard. These are great for beginners (im no expert but want to move to the next stage!).

    I purchased a web site domain and some web space today. I get 35 megs along with the deal. The deal was pretty damn cheap though (about £30-£40 for 2 years!) so im worrying now about what the catch is going to be! I have not bought VBulletin yet (I do post very regulary at a VBulletin board though) and I really want to (EZboard suck! ) but I dont want to spend $160 on something that will not work!

    The company that I bought the web space from is this one. Is there anyone else out there that has used them? Could somebody tell me if VBulletin will work or not?

    I have downloaded the free VBulletin but have not installed it yet (I only bought the web space today and havent had all the confirmation back yet! Ill have to wait till monday I guess!). I dont want to waste my time tryong to install something that wont work though!

    Any bit of help or information will be gratefully received!

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    They have PHP and MySQL support, so they should be ok, but to confirm get the MySQL version number from them (we recommend the 3.23 series). Also, show us your phpinfo. Put the following in a test.php file and send the URL here:



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      Thanks very much for your help Ed!

      I have however recieved some confirmation from the company. They have support forums (the address was in the e-mail) and after a quick look round I soon found a few threads to do with setting up VBulletin on their servers! The advice from the people there was good and this proves to me that VBulletin will be ok for my site.

      I will test the free version first just to make 100% sure and if that works you have another sale! I post at a site a lot that used to have UBB and upgraded to VBulletin. Soon after I was made a mod and cant tell you how impressed I was! Much much better than EZboards could ever hope to be.

      One thing I wish more places would do though! Start accepting more British credit and debit cards! I have a switch card only but hardly anywhere takes them! So I always have to borrow someones card!


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        Originally posted by Moggy
        So I always have to borrow someones card!
        Lucky you man Isn't that cheapest way at all?? hehe

        BTW: vBulletin OwNz

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