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Can I limit access to the Calendar?

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  • Can I limit access to the Calendar?

    I was thinking of using the calendar but I need to be able to post events that only private members can view. Is there any way of doing that?

    I am not sure I understand the purpose of "Public Event" and "Private Event" funtions.

    I am and Administrator and I posted a private event using my user name. I can see the even but no one else seems to be able to.

    A test user I created posted a private event too and only that test user can see it.

    Hmm, I guess it's to have your own reminders of the events.

    Well, what I really need from a calendar is to be able to schedule evens so people know about them but I only want a "User Group" to know about some events.

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    private events can only be seen by the event poster. stuff like doctor's appts and stuff.

    currently i do not believe there is any built in functionality to discriminate between user groups for viewing events. you can specify what groups can post events but that's it.


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      Jake's right - there's no usergroup Calendar functionality right now. All Calendar events are either Public (viewable by all) or Private (viewable only by the member entering it.)
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        Someone has a "user groups" modification that he's willing to sell, I can pass on his email if you like. Just email me: [email protected]

        I hate to post someone else's email here without their permission and all that, you know.

        I'd love to see this in VB, but I couldn't justify the added expense at this point.



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          If You still need it
          // get decent textarea size for user's browser
          $textareacols = gettextareawidth();


          PHP Code:

          6 is Admin usergroup add with or avery Group you whant

          and above
          last step
          PHP Code:
          } else { eval("standarderror(\"".gettemplate("costum-template")."\");"); 
          easy isnt it
          impossible.. but feasiblly


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            Thanks. I was hoping for a more configurable solution but this is good too. I take it the code to modify is in calendar.php?


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              Thats right.. sorry i forgot to tell ...

              i am working on a better solution now with a friend..
              when we are ready you could easy change it like can post public/private (i hope )
              impossible.. but feasiblly


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                That would be great... I came to this forum with the exact same question about the Calendar.. If you don't mind, could you please PM me if you should find a way to make the calendars "user group privileged?"

                Thanks much! This is all very new to me, but I'm digging the support here!!!


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                  For the second part of the code, where do I enter it?

                  You mentioned adding it above the last step, does that mean before the last line in calendar.php?



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                    behind all

                    it looks like
                    than add the new code..
                    impossible.. but feasiblly


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                      Still not working.

                      I must be putting the line in the wrong place, or maybe there is some little detail I'm not getting.

                      Can you try again?


                      - Pahbi


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                        ok it should like that..

                        PHP Code:
                             // Update field and redirect user to Calendar
                                  // We dont need to check for form manipulation because we dont change the public/private status in this query.
                        $DB_site->query("UPDATE calendar_events SET event = '$message',
                                                   eventdate = '
                                                   subject = '
                                                 allowsmilies = 
                                                 public = 
                                                 WHERE eventid = 
                        } else { eval(
                        "standarderror(\"".gettemplate("costum-template")."\");"); /* the Scipt xou should add*/ 
                        do you get it now?
                        impossible.. but feasiblly


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                          I'm definately putting the right text in the right spot, the code on my calendar looks exactly the same as what you posted.

                          Funny thing is, if I don't put in the

                          else { eval("standarderror(\"".gettemplate("costum-template")."\");");

                          statement, and instead just put in the } bracket that matches the { bracket of the statement


                          then it works just fine.

                          Anyone who doesn't belong to the right user ID groups, can't see the calendar, it just puts up a blank screen, which is right, since they don't match the if then condition.

                          But each time I try to put in the

                          else { eval("standarderror(\"".gettemplate("costum-template")."\");");

                          line, I get a parse error.

                          I'm gonna hold off on putting that line until tommorow, I just got off the phone with my server provider, and he's going to upgrade to the latest version of php. Then I'll try again and see what results I get, I have to upgrade anyways because I'm getting that zen hash error thing.

                          Thanks for the help tho! AWESOME!

                          - Pahbi


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                            please send me your file..

                            mailto:[email protected]

                            i´ll take a look at it ok?
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                            impossible.. but feasiblly


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