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How can I make the registration page more simple?

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  • How can I make the registration page more simple?

    Download this text file and copy its contents into your 'registeradult' template.

    If you would like to being back the custom fields (location, interests, biography etc.) find $_customfields within the text file and remove the _ (underscore) character.

    //edit: fixed the allowmail input field name. fixed the attachment. -jake
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    Using this template will shorten your registration form to just this:


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        Alrighty !
        gods middle name was Kier

        Talking loud but aint saying nothing.


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          new user

          I just got my board up and running and this seems like the perfect feature. But I have no clue where to place this file. I did a search for registeradult but could not find it. I did find a register.php. Do I need to place the text in here somewhere.

          Sorry for being a little slow (hopefully I will get it figured it out).

          Thanks for any help anyone can give me on this.

          Also how hard is it to change the appearance of the boards such as colors and so on.
          I might actually start to understand all this one day! Have to admit some of it is making sense.


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            This is nice - thanks Kier I tried something similar to this once before, but this is much tidier.


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              The registeradult template


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                This template is useful. I 'll change my registreradult template with this.

                I want to ask another question.

                I need some more fields.
                I know i can use the "Add new user profile field" at admin console. But i need fields which is different then "input" type.

                I need a field for sex for example and users write woman, girl, w, laddy etc...

                I want to put new field in any format: input, checkbox, radiobox, select, etc...

                How can i do this?


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                  Hi kier how about one for the coppa template too?

                  would this work with it? thx in adv!!


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                    Sweeeet, worked perfectly.

                    Cheers, G


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                      Can you elaborate - I'm new

                      I see the file you ask we download for minimum registration options. Your example is clean and to the point for users who may not wish (or may feel improperly obligated) to fill in all the default information.

                      Your directions ask that we copy into the 'adultregister' template. Where can I find that template in my newly installed system - as I believe there is only the default template within the system?




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                        Sorry for the stupidity - I found it.

                        I figured out my own questions. Thanks for the template.


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                          This is nice

                          1 question. Is it possible that I can remove the ICQ field and insert the AIM field instead? And if so, how can I make ALL the fields mandatory in order to sign up, and remove the line that says: the following are optional?



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                            is it possible for me to :

                            1. remove registration entirely from the board? i mean anyone can post?

                            2. merge the "registration policy" along with the registration form on the same page? and instead of the "ACCEPT" button, just have a checkbox for "I accept these terms"?



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                              Can you eliminate the home page option so they can't place their home page in there?


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