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questions about mailing list issues

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  • tubedogg
    1. Not currently.

    2. No, but if they have "Allow admin to email you" set to No that will prevent them from receiving any emails sent via that mechanism.

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  • Bobbi
    started a topic questions about mailing list issues

    questions about mailing list issues

    1) When I sent out emails to everyone on the Registered Members list (via the function in the Admin Control Panel), is it possible to exclude a few specific individuals from that list?

    I didn't see an option to do so. Sorry if I overlooked something.

    2) When users have selected not to have their email address displayed, do they still receive the emails that are generated when I send out a mass email to every registered forum user?

    If they do, then why do I often see a small discrepancy between the number of registered users and the number of emails sent out to everyone when I use this function?