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  • What do I do here

    Ok I was using FTP into my cgi bin and running an install script which deleted the entire contents of my Forum folder, I have e-mailed my host and asked if it is possible to replace the folder contents from Tape backup??? Will wait and see. If this is not possible I will have to reinstall, however my database is intact, do I simply choose not to reset and clear my database during install or are their other things I should watch out for? For example will all my Categories threads and posts be ok after a re-install?

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    Can't you just reupload the vBulletin files from your computer?

    If the database is intact, just reupload the files from your computer and you should be fine.


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      O Yes

      tubedogg, thanks a lot, the forum is up and running again, had to edit index.php and upload a few files to get the world time hack working again, with Msn still to do. For a minute I thought the world had come to an end LOL


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        Which version?

        I did the above, uploaded my files again, and ran the index.php file as normal. I did not run the installer, or the upgrade files, is this Ok it shows ver 2.03 ok but I just wonder if I missed a stage somewhere.


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          Unless your database was from a previous version you don't need to run any upgrade scripts.