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So many remove moderator column, and yet none of em help me.

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  • So many remove moderator column, and yet none of em help me.

    Yeah, i did the search for Remove Moderator Column, but all the threads I read I didn't know what they were talking about. I'm new to the editing scene and I see a lot of people telling me what the names of the templates are that I need to change stuff in, but I can't seem to find out how and what I do in those templates.

    These ones are all confusing:

    Can anybody how there slowly explain what I need to do to remove the moderators column? Not this stuff

    "You will need to alter the following templates:


    in some of those templates you will need to remove the moderators <td>, and in others you will need to reduce the colspan="" amount."

    Because that ^^^ I don't understand. I understand, ok search for this and remove it. save. search for this add blah save. delete this save.

    Can somebody please help me? I know there are a lot of threads about this subject and guess what?? To put it mildly, They suck. well maybe not for you advanced pro coding l33t people, but for me aka noobie with 0 l33t skillz needs more.

    Please help.

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    okay in each of those above templates you'll find this table column

    <td bgcolor="{firstaltcolor}"><smallfont>$forum[moderators]</smallfont></td>

    you can either delete it or as i did comment it out like this

    <!-- <td bgcolor="{firstaltcolor}"><smallfont>$forum[moderators]</smallfont></td> -->
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      When I do a search for that line in those templates it doesn't find it.


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        Admin CP -> Templates -> Search -> $forum[moderators]

        If you don't get any templates using this search, then I suggest you revert the listed templates back to original. If they are the original, then you are not running version 2.0.3 templates and need to upgrade.
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          How do I get rid of the moderators column on the forumdisplay in the catagory? Like you have a catagory called games and then you have your forums under than. Well when you click on the games title it shows all the mods in there.
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