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vB Popup Messaging Utility v.0.1

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    nice hack but i aint gonna try it out i want my board working lol

    ps. could we have a screenshot please.


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      those screenshots are f**king **** u cant see anything will u imporve them plz


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        fxpersonline, please show some respect. Scott has gone through a lot of work to provide this. The least you could do is ask politely. Language and attitudes like this are likely to get you added to many people's 'Ignore' list.

        Also, could you please enter your customer info into your user profile? See my sig for details. Thanks.
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          I second that, great hack that I'm sure was quite a job to make so there's no need for the attitude

          btw. I get a more that good enough impression from the provided screeenshots.



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            Well done Scott


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              good work scott thats pretty wild that


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                missing something

                ive installed-but how do i send a message??

                i always miss the simple



                • #8
                  it should be in your control panel under users


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                    Odd, it doesn't seem to be working. I edited global.php in my base directory, ran the install file, deleted the install file, uploaded the other files, and added the $ command and tried sending it to the administrators. It said it was sent, yet I don't see anything and I was an admin. Please assist.


                    • #10
                      Its working fine for me.

                      I've only done a very basic test so far.

                      Should the install file be deleted after install?


                      • #11

                        Got it working.

                        Although you need to avoid referring to line nos. when doing the change. Some of us might have other hacks installed which would make it difficult for us to follow the line nos.

                        Other than that, GREAT and SIMPLE HACK!


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                          I know what it was. Can you please not post the line #'s for I have installed hacks before and hence it did not work for me. I need to know what items to put it above and below and I am sure other users would appreciate this. Thanks.


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                            Stille the Same Problem like Lordmusic has bevor

                            but i have update Cp
                            i have controlled all stats and for sure i have make it by hand now..

                            but no error message and no popup :/

                            normaly its not so hard

                            but something is wrong... can u get me a clue what could be?

                            but i´m looking forward nice hack
                            impossible.. but feasiblly


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                              @Molinari sorry all done i am such a idiot had a misstype in my board

                              aehmmm works great now nice work
                              impossible.. but feasiblly


                              • #15
                                I installed the hack and it does not work. I saved my options in my cp once I finished installing the hack.

                                Your reference to line numbers in each php file are really a pain in the butt. It would make it alot easier if you made some sort of reference as to what code it should go below or above instead of line numbers...


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