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  • gzip/zlib questions

    Hi there,

    I'm using a vb "hack", vbportals (and it's a good one) with my registered forums, so I know I can't expect help, but I'd appreciate it if someone could give me some clues for this one.

    Basically, when I (or anyone who uses vbportals 3.0 for that matter) turn on gzip compression in the vb control panel, I get a blank page anywhere I go in the site. Things return to normal when it's turned off.

    I do have PHP compiled with zlib - I know this because I'm the one that compiled it, but also because when I run the little phpinfo.php file it tells me it is. I am trying to figure out what vb does when you switch the gzip option in the cp to "on". What is it triggering? Although vbportals is a hack, it's still php. I would think that if php was compliled with zlib it would compress it correctly no matter what. Does vb 2.03 do something different? Is there something I should look for in php.ini?

    Appreciate any insight,

    Maximum Gamer

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    I'm having this problem - no one ever addressed this post. I'd love to know if there's a resolution.

    I will continue my search.


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      Don't worry new version of vbportal is out soon for contributing members, this should be sorted as it has gzip built into it, which it does not now.


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        Heh. I stopped using vbportals almost a year ago, after I posted this

        If I remember correctly there was a fix I found on the vbportals site, this would have been last year.
        Maximum Gamer


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          well for one you CAN'T run gzip and zlib together. it's either or. the forums has zlib built into it, NOT gzip.
          Gentoo Geek