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New Header for specific forums ??

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  • New Header for specific forums ??

    I will be as specific as possible. First, I read the manual which as indicated in a previous thread offers little info in this regard.

    I have performed a search on this forum for "style" and read several great responses. For some reason........I just don't get it.

    Here goes - Problem:
    I have about 55 forums on the board all with the same "style".

    I want to change 1 (one) thing in a few of the forums -- the header. I want to add some specific links in the headers of specific forums.

    I have the code that's no problem.

    I am lost between headers/templates/styles, etc. Have tried serveral combinations of changes and have not made it work right yet.

    Solutions - Attempted
    1) I tried creating a new style and using the same replacement set and template set. I thought I would then be able to modify the header at <forums & moderators - modify - edit forum>. Wrong ........ when I modified the header for this one forum, it applied across all 55 forums. Not what I had in mind.
    2) I read some threads from this forum and went back and tried some combinations of <style - add> chosing different combinations of replacement set and template.

    Have not found the right combination yet.

    Maybe I'm hoping it would be easy ??

    Tired of trying ............

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    To save you some time, is this the correct answer ??

    Do I have to reset everything on a new style just to change the header ??????????


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      When you have the templateset you want, just begin creating new styles
      all the styles should use the same templateset, but create new replacementsets
      that's the way we're doing it at, and using different directories & replacement variables for the top graphics.

      In the template, refer to any header graphics as /images/{site}/top.jpg

      then all you have to do is create a replacement variable called {site} (and give it a proper value).. works fine
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      That forum


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        I agree, the ability to change certain templates and replacement variables in the style page is confusing.

        What you need is a new template set -and- a new style. Then just use the new style for the forums you need (I understand you know how to )

        Good luck!
        Chen Avinadav
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          Thanks for the input !!

          I appreciate everyone's input more than you know. I must tell you that I must not have explained myself very well but without your input I don't think I would have figured it out.

          What some of you are suggesting will work but is a long process just to change some code in the header.

          Obtaining a new replacement set and template set is exactly what I was trying to avoid as much as possible. Imagine completely rebuilding the replacement set and template set for a dozen fourms (a dozen totally new styles) when all I wanted to change was the header.

          Here's ralph's method to accomplish this:
          1) <Style -- Add>
          Chose a new style name,
          Use your existing replacement set (because you're not changing it)
          Chose "Create a new template set"


          2) <Style -- Modify>
          Chose the style you just created in #1
          Now just insert whatever you need in the header


          3) The last step ofcouse is to assign the new style to the designated forum
          <fourm --- modify -- (at selected forum) edit>
          Under "Style Options" select the style

          (NOTE: Once you figure this out and get rolling you do this process in just a minute or two.....if your code you're inserting is ready.)

          This is the only resonable way I found to make it happen in a relatively efficient manner.

          You can do the process of creating a complete new template set and complete new replacement set and it will work.

          But, there is no need to cut/paste/reenter all of the line items caused by chosing a new replacement set when the only thing you want to change is the header.

          This ofcouse will work for any changes required in the footer.

          Thanks again for the input. Its late...long