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Are you getting a MySQL error containing "Got error 28 from table handler"?

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  • Are you getting a MySQL error containing "Got error 28 from table handler"?

    If you have got a MySQL error which contains the text "got error 28 from table handler", then read on!
    The error often (but not always) looks something like this:

    Database error in vBulletin: Invalid SQL:
    session.userid AS sessionuserid,
    post.*,post.username AS postusername,post.ipaddress AS ip,user.*,userfield.*,icon.title as icontitle,icon.iconpath,
    attachment.attachmentid,attachment.filename,attachment.visible AS attachmentvisible,attachment.counter
    ,avatar.avatarpath,NOT ISNULL(customavatar.avatardata) AS hascustomavatar,customavatar.dateline AS avatardateline
    FROM post
    LEFT JOIN icon ON icon.iconid=post.iconid
    LEFT JOIN user ON user.userid=post.userid
    LEFT JOIN userfield ON userfield.userid=user.userid
    LEFT JOIN avatar ON avatar.avatarid=user.avatarid
    LEFT JOIN customavatar ON customavatar.userid=user.userid
    LEFT JOIN attachment ON attachment.attachmentid=post.attachmentid
    LEFT JOIN session ON (session.userid = user.userid
    AND session.userid > 0
    AND user.invisible = 0
    AND session.lastactivity>998208277)
    WHERE post.postid IN (0,5247,5248,5250,5259,5264,5268,5274,5278,5279,5281)
    ORDER BY dateline

    mysql error: Got error 28 from table handler
    mysql error number: 1030
    Date: ***
    Script: /***
    Referer: ***
    This error usually indicates a lack of free disk space on the hard drive partition being used for MySQL data storage on your server (usually '/var'). In most cases, this is only solvable by contacting your host and requesting that they free up some more disk space on this partition (or add in a bigger hard drive).
    Please do not post threads asking what is wrong if you receive this error - we are unable to help you unless you speak to your host.
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