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Different templates for different forums

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  • Different templates for different forums

    I have a Spanish template and want to apply it only to one of the forums of my board. I want the rest forums to remain with the default template (English).

    How can i do it?

    I know that in the forum options you can set an specific forum, but idon't know how to apply the spanish template there. when i upload it it applies to all the board


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    Could you enter your licence number into your profile please?


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      He's an admin at the board which I technically own. Would it be all right to give him my license information to enter in his profile so that he can ask questions on this board too?

      He helped pay for it but I (well, my mom ) made the actual purchase.


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        Um... I'll ask John about that.

        In any case, here's your answer:

        First, in the admin control panel, create a new style with a new template set and a new replacement set.

        Next, in the forums and moderators section, edit the forum which you would like to have the new style, and near the top of its options you will see an option to set which style this forum should use. Select the newly created style, and click the option to override user preferences for this forum.

        Finally, go back to the styles section of the control panel and set up the style as you want it with colors etc., and then take a look at your forums


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          what bmilder said

          but... can i upload the template i have? that's what i cannot do.

          methinks that when i create a new style in the forums menu it takes a default style and i cannot set it as the spanish style i have.

          okey, Ben, i think you'd have to explain it... my english cannot make miracles
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            I think it works fine - except the Spanish template is not "complete," leaving a lot of English left. I read somewhere else on this board that a future version of vBulletin will make different language forums much easier, but for now I think what we've done is fine.

            Thanks Kier .


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              No problem. Hope it works for you.

              And yes, a future version of vB will have far better language support.