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Weird bug that is only affecting some members...

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    see...I also receaved a private email from someone else saying that thei're vb board is doing the same...there has to be a fix for this??


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      I switched to VB 3 days ago and have had 2 complaints on this already. Had them delete their cookies. Any ideas?


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        Also had them set to use cookies in the profile. Still no luck.


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          well all i know is that i never had this problem before, now this forum is almost useless since most people cant post and there's not much we can do since not one tech here knows how ti fix this...I have pretty much given up, and i will be looking for a better forum even though i thought this one was the best


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            If the problem is widespread check your cookie settings in the CP


            Two .


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              That's can't be it because my problem is isolated to only 2 members.


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                It appears both of mine never clicked their activation link. See if it's the same with yours. Isn't their a page in the CP where it breaks down the users into groups (registered, awaiting, coppa, etc). I can't seem to find it again.


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                  no thats not my problem...all of my members activated they're accounts...


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                    just for the record here....We are also still having this fact, it is becoming more and more of a complaint.

                    I hope that there is a fix for this soon.


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                      I have the same problem on my forum..... i was checking this thread thinking to be enought lucky to find a solution....

                      I don't think the problem comes from vBulletin, but Windows XP ... Because it seems the problem appeared only to 2 regular members and all was working fine before they both upgraded theirr browser !
                      Unfortunatly, i'm not under that OS and cannot check myself !

                      Any help really welcome !!!!


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                        A solution !

                        I think i find some good solution about these annoying problems !
                        My main language is french so i couldn't translate enough good to explain, but you can still check that thread on my forum: and then translate with Babelfish


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                          i would check out the permission for registered and members to see what things you have checked off there. It may be as simple as modifying the permisson for the group


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                            My users are using netscape 6, IE 5, IE 5.5, and IE 6.

                            75% of my users are complaining they have to login every 10 secs. Everytime they login to make a post they have to login again to edit their CP and login again to respond to posts.

                            Their ID is being shown in the Who's Online portion and also they see Logged in user: blah [logout]

                            I have instructed the users to set Yes to accepting cookies and also remember login name and pass, as well as clear cache and cookies from their browsers, but even after that they still can't stay logged in.

                            I have other users who can't log out of the board. When they try to log out they get a link to return to index but they are still logged in. This does not concern me as much as the above problem. It's more annoying to keep logging in when replying and posting rather than can't log out.

                            I have the time out cookie in the CP set to 900 secs.

                            Anyone has a resolution to this?


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                              This happens on my board all the time. I get at least 100 complaints a week.

                              Here's the fix I found. Seemd to be more of an IE6 problem.


                              Clear your cookies!!!! This is important!

                              If using IE6 go to Tools > Internet Options > privacy and select to accept all cookies for this site.

                              Use the login at the bottom right of the Main Page.




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                                Have you had them dump their cookie from your forums? We had that problem for a little bit due to some moving around and people's cookies got crumbled...

                                Had them trash'em and no problems since <knocking on desk>


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